Statistics On Fatherless Children

7 May


Today I’ve decided to blog about Children that live in biological father-absent homes. Just the other day as I was reading, this Picture Stuck in my mind so heavily. Not based on me growing up being fatherless. But It hit home, based on my Own Children that became biologically fatherless. There are so many children that are fatherless. Some father’s want to be father figures, but unfortunately, the mothers are keeping their children away from the dads for different reasons, which are childish, as far as im concerned. When those very same children are being affected behind so called adults. Then you have fathers who could care less about the well being of their children, for whatever their excuse is. Still doesn’t Justify the Fact that their children need a father. This last Scenario bothers me the most. I’d like to express how greatly my children were affected. As children being fatherless. Basically, it was due to a selfish, senseless act. My ex husband had commited Suicide. I really felt that our children were affected emotionally, behind this senseless act. And based on his actions, He left me with no choice but to rear our children and be a Single Mom. In my case I have two males and two females. That’s four different personalities. Of which two I could relate to fully based on me being a woman. And having two girls. Sure I understand Males, and I’ve taught my Sons to the best of my ability, how to be a gentleman, But I lack that male strong father figure image as far as me teaching them how to be a responsible Man. That’s what my Children are missing their Dad. Children who lack fathers suffer Silently. Be it male or females. When I had to break the News to my Children, It wasn’t easy. I had to face my children with the Truth. Sure I could have told them a different Story. But I felt that they would have grown up resenting me for covering up the truth! I believe in honesty, but most importantly. I believe in telling the truth. And the Truth will Set You Free. I’ve been a Single Parent since 2005, prior to me being divorced to my childrens father. I seperated from my Ex husband due to Domestic Violence. I Was determined not to raise our children in a abusive relationship. I thank my heavenly father for removing me and my Children from that Situation. If we hadn’t of gotten out, I probably wouldn’t be here sharing my thoughts and opinions on this Topic. What saddens me the most is whether or not a relationship Survives. I feel That children are the most important ones to consider. They are The bigger Picture in hindsight. Had I known what I know Today. I don’t think I would have had four children. Esp when dealing with abuse, and fear. I Loved that man. But I
loved myself including my children more. And based on my decision to get out, when I had a chance cost my family a lot. But in the end it Saved our Lives. Once lives are taken there is no coming back. I’ve learned so much from having to deal with everything on my Own. That being a Single Mom has taught me to have a much greater appreciation for Family, People and Life! Statistically speaking when does the fatherless picture End.



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  1. betterlove1 June 24, 2013 at 4:27 am #

    Yes it was. Thanks for taking some time out of you’re schedule to read my blog. I appreciate it


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